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We're building the modern HCM, ERP, SCM, Systems

Together, we manage and empower thriving markets by leveraging both established avenues and emerging prospects. Our agile approach allows us to optimize the prompt delivery, ensuring real-time presentations that yield remarkable products
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Our approach

Results oriented

Our approach is inherently focused on achieving tangible results. We prioritize strategies and actions that directly contribute to the attainment of our goals, ensuring that every effort we make is purposeful and outcome driven. By staying dedicated to a results-oriented mindset, we continually strive for success, measuring our progress and adapting as necessary to consistently deliver impactful outcomes.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Our secret lies in the power of great people who form the foundation of our organization. We firmly believe that the success of any venture is deeply intertwined with the quality and dedication of team members. Thats why we have strived to create a culture that attracts, nurtures, and retains exceptional individuals.

Our values


Our team values your strengths, and perspectives, encourages you to embrace uniqueness, and empowers you to enrich your organizations.

Team work

Talent wins games, but our teamwork and intelligence win championships.


helps cultivate a positive outlook on projects. When we focus on the things we are thankful for, it shifts our attention away from negativity and fosters a sense of optimism.


involves providing clients with clear and accurate information about products, services, pricing, terms, and conditions. It also means being honest about what the company can and cannot deliver, setting realistic expectations, and being upfront about any limitations or challenges.


An honest team makes decisions based on facts, data, and ethical considerations. Transparent decision-making processes instill confidence in team members, as we understand the rationale behind choices made and feel involved in the decision-making process.


Providing 24/7 support to clients is a significant commitment that demonstrates our high level of dedication. Offering round-the-clock support ensures that clients have access to assistance, guidance, and solutions at any time.

Executive Leadership

Sesi Yerubandi

Founder - Technical Director
A technologist by nature, Sesi founded NIPUNA to create a feature rich and budget friendly ERP system for agile enterprises. Whether it is manufacturing or supply chain management or human capital management, she firmly believes that people come ahead of technologies. Great employees create great products, great employees provide great solutions and great employees build great client relationships, not the other way around. It's no wonder that the motto of nipuna is "Do Right". Prior to NIPUNA, Sesi spearheaded technology teams in corporate America for more than two decades in various cutting edge technologies. She graduated from American University, Washington D.C. (Masters in Computer Science) after obtaining her Bachelors in Computer Sciences & Technology from Andhra University, India.

James Liley

Technical Architect
James is our tech guru and a master of all things technology-related. He keeps us up to date with the latest advancements and ensures that our projects are implemented using the most efficient and cutting-edge tools. His expertise and passion for technology drive our team forward. He is our team architect, an innovative thinker, and a visionary. He has a knack for coming up with unique and groundbreaking ideas that push the boundaries of what's possible. His passion for creativity is infectious, and he inspires the team to think outside the box. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, helping guide and shape the technological direction of projects and systems within an organization to align with our business objectives. He is a master piece .





Minority Business Enterprise

Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the Year, New Jersey (Finalist)

Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the Year, New Jersey (Finalist)

Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the Year, New Jersey (Finalist)

Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Delivery Locations

Corporate Social Responsibility

Noble Foundation

Providing meritorious scholarships to students that are economically poor for the past 3 years (grades 9-12)

Mid Day Meal Scheme

Supporting "Mid Day Meal Scheme" in various districts of India

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