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Core HR

The competencies for success are constantly changing. However, you can stay ahead of the curve. Join the Nipuna human capital management (HCM) revolution. Help your employees work wherever and whenever needed with global HR core solutions for payroll, time management, benefits administration, HR service provision, and more.



In NIPUNA HCM, we have embraced AL and ML technologies throughout our entire suite of applications. These technologies are an integral part of our design philosophy, enabling us to deliver intelligent recommendations and predictions across the board. From NIPUNA HCM to all our other applications, AI and ML play a key role in enhancing your experience and providing you with smarter insights to empower your decision-making process.

Your business expects HR to boost the workforce productivity while also improving operational excellence a tall order without the right technology at the heart of your HCM application. NIPUNA core HR gives you a smart, personalized way to onboard, engage and manage your employees.

Our Differentiator

Unlike other HCM solutions, you can manage complete global, local, and industry HR with detailed rules and unique workflows for different types of employees. These best practice business processes empower your HR team to support compliance requirements in over 200 countries and jurisdictions and provide added features to support eligible jobs, contracts, and the expansion of the automated salary progression process, which is valuable for rules specific to represented employees.

Employee Success with Compensation, Payroll, Scheduling, Time Tracking, Benefits, and Smart Skills Data under one Roof
Build a more ingenious skills-based workforce strategy. Understand your workforce, uncover talent shortages, and plan for your future workforce.
We provide global workforce management, Agile compensation management, centralized benefits administration, and personalized experience.