Distribution System

Streamline Your Supply Chain, Elevate Distribution Excellence

Nipuna’s SCM Distribution Systems offer a range of benefits to organizations, including improved order fulfillment processes, improved inventory management, demand planning, and visibility of supply chain movements. These systems enable organizations to capture, process, and track orders in real-time, resulting in reduced errors and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, NIPUNA SCM Distribution systems help to optimize transportation operations, reduce transportation costs, and improve on-time deliveries.

The art of distribution lies in the delicate balance of speed, accuracy, and adaptability, ensuring the right product reaches the right place at the right time. A well-optimized distribution system serves as the conduit for success, bridging the gap between production prowess and consumer delight.

Nipuna Distribution System

Core Features Include

Order Management

Transportation Management

Payments and Invoicing

Data Privacy and Security


Order Management and Fulfillment

This feature encompasses the end-to-end management of customer orders, from order capture to fulfillment. It includes functionalities such as order processing, tracking, and invoicing. Efficient order management ensures accurate and timely order fulfillment, leading to customer satisfaction.

Transportation Management

NIPUNA SCM Distribution systems incorporate transportation management capabilities, which optimize the movement of goods within the distribution network, including carrier selection, load planning, route optimization, and shipment tracking.

Payments and Invoicing

This specific feature focuses on managing payments and invoicing processes within the SCM Distribution system. It includes functionalities for generating and sending customer invoices, tracking payment status, managing credit terms, and integrating with payment gateways or financial systems. This feature ensures efficient financial transactions and accurate record-keeping.

Data Privacy and Security

NIPUNA SCM Distribution systems prioritize data privacy and security as fundamental features. We implement measures such as data encryption, access controls, user authentication, and secure data storage to safeguard sensitive supply chain and customer information. Compliance with data privacy regulations.