Global Payroll

Global Payroll System


"Harness the Power of Global Payroll: Simplify, Automate, and Streamline"
Our approach

Results oriented

Nipuna’s leveraging global payroll system, will effectively manage payroll complexities, ensure compliance, enhance operational efficiency, and gain valuable insights into their global payroll landscape..


By Integrating this with our HR tools like time and attendance, and employee management will make data sharing easier and more efficient.

Centralized Payroll Management

Nipuna global payroll solution consolidates payroll operations across multiple locations into one platform. This tool streamlines payroll operations, increases accuracy, and reduces the administrative burden of managing payroll at each location individually.

Compliance & Regulations

Payroll regulations, tax legislation, and reporting obligations vary from country to country.Nipuna Global payroll solution automates calculations and deductions based on the specific regulations of each country to ensure compliance. This helps to keep up with changing regulations and minimizes the risk of compliance penalties.

"Seamless Payroll across the Globe"

Currency Conversion

The system should be capable of handling multiple currencies and translating remuneration and deductions into the relevant currency of each employee and country.

Tax Management

Tax calculations, deductions and withholdings will be automated based on the tax legislation of each country.

Data Security

Our robust system prioritizes data protection and ensures that confidential employee data is safeguarded in accordance with data privacy regulations.