Learning Management System

Nipuna: LMS

NIPUNA: Learning Management system

"Develop the Skills to Adapt and Pivot Rapidly in a Fast-Changing World."

Nipuna: "Unlock Knowledge, Empower Growth: Discover the Power of our Learning Management System"

Key Functionalities

Learning Integrated into Workflows: Seamlessly Embed Learning within the Flow of Work to Drive Continuous Development

Curated Content: Relevant Learning Content to Meet Individual Needs and Interests.

Learning Campaigns: Launching Targeted Learning Initiatives and Campaigns to Drive Participation and Skill Development.

Integrate with HCM: Seamlessly Connecting with Learning Initiatives with Nipuna HCM Systems for Unified Talent Development

Real-time and Actionable Insights: Access Timely and Actionable Insights on Learner Progress, Engagement, and Skill Development for Effective Decision-making.

AI Skills Intelligence: Leverage Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to Drive Skills Intelligence, Identifying Skill Gaps and Opportunities for Growth.