Order Management

Order Management System


Efficiency, Visibility, and Seamless Order Fulfillment: Powering Your Supply Chain Success

NIPUNA's SCM Order Management system is designed to streamline and optimize the process of managing customer orders within the supply chain. Nipuna provides various features that facilitate the efficient handling of orders from placement to fulfilment.

Nipuna order management system bestows a plethora of advantages upon businesses, particularly those grappling with substantial order volumes, intricate logistics, and diverse sales channels. By unifying the management of orders from various sources, including online stores, marketplaces, and physical retail outlets, the system eradicates manual data entry errors, reduces processing time, and ensures the expeditious fulfillment of orders.

Key Functionalities

Order Management

This allows to capture and enter customer orders, including order details such as product, quantity, pricing, and delivery requirements. It validates orders for accuracy and completeness before processing..

Inventory Visibility

Our Nipuna system provides real-time visibility into inventory levels and availability across various locations, such as warehouses, distribution centers, or stores which helps in determining whether the requested products are in stock and enables accurate promise dates and delivery commitments.

Tracking and Status Updates:

Allows customers and internal stakeholders to track the progress of their orders throughout the fulfillment process. And provides status updates, including order confirmation, packaging, shipping, and delivery notifications.

Order Allocations

Helps allocate available inventory to fulfill orders based on predefined rules, such as priority, customer type, or geographic location, and ensures the efficient allocation of resources and minimizes stock-outs or backorders.

Order Customizations

system supports the configuration and customization of products based on customer requirements. This feature enables the selection of options, features, or variations during the order process.

Prices & Offers Management

This feature assists in Pricing rules, discounts, and promotions based on predefined pricing structures or customer-specific agreements. It calculates the final price based on product configurations, quantities, or other relevant factors.

Order Collaboration and Communication

Order Collaboration and Communication: NIPUNA SCM Order Management systems often include communication tools to facilitate collaboration between internal teams and external partners involved in the order fulfillment process.

Returns and Exchanges

Supports the management of returns, exchanges, or replacements for products. It helps streamline the return process, including issuing return authorizations, tracking returned items, and initiating refunds or replacements.

Reporting and Analytics

Our system provides reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor key order management metrics, such as order cycle time, fill rate, on-time delivery, and order accuracy. It helps identify bottlenecks, analyze trends, and optimize the order fulfillment process.