Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Crafting the contemporary ERP - Product Life Cycle Systems for Agile Organizations.

Experience the journey of your products from concept to legacy with our cutting-edge Product Life Cycle Management system. Unleash the power of seamless planning, execution, and optimization, enabling your organization to efficiently navigate every stage of the product's life cycle. Embrace innovation, enhance collaboration, and drive productivity as you propel your products toward a lasting legacy in the market. With our comprehensive solution, take control and achieve unprecedented success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

NIPUNA: Product Life cycle Management system offers a wide range of benefits which includes improved product development, improved cross-functional collaboration, improved data management, and enhanced regulatory compliance. Product development can be streamlined and optimized through the use of the NIPUNA PLM system, which can help to reduce development cycles, reduce errors, and improve product innovation. Cross-functional collaboration between various departments involved in the product life cycle can also be improved through the implementation of the PLM system.

Centralized data management is a key component of a PLM system, as it serves as a central repository for data related to the product, such as design, specifications, and documentation. Improved change management capabilities provide organizations with the ability to track and manage product changes through the life cycle, allowing for proper documentation and approval workflows. This helps to minimize errors and facilitate change control.

Top Features of NIPUNA - ERP Product Lifecycle Management System

NIPUNA, the state-of-the-art ERP Product Lifecycle Management System, is equipped with a range of advanced features designed to efficiently manage the design and process documents for your organization. Here are the key functionalities NIPUNA offers:

Design and Process Document Management: NIPUNA provides a centralized repository to manage all design and process documents efficiently. It offers version control, ensuring that the most up-to-date information is readily accessible to authorized users, streamlining collaboration and eliminating confusion caused by outdated documents.

Product Structure (Bill of Material) Management: With NIPUNA, you can effortlessly manage complex product structures through its intuitive bill of material management capabilities. This feature enables you to define, organize, and maintain accurate BOMs, ensuring a clear understanding of your product components and their relationships.

Central Data Vault (Electronic File Repository): NIPUNA’s central data vault serves as a secure electronic file repository, safeguarding critical information related to your products and processes. This ensures data integrity, reduces duplication, and provides easy access to vital documents for authorized personnel.

Part and Document Classification and Metadata Management: NIPUNA allows you to classify parts and documents systematically, simplifying information retrieval and fostering efficient data organization. Additionally, the system enables comprehensive metadata (“attribute”) management, ensuring that essential data associated with parts and documents are well-maintained and easily accessible.

Materials Content Identification for Environmental Compliance: NIPUNA addresses environmental compliance concerns by enabling you to identify and track materials content within your products. This helps you ensure compliance with environmental regulations and facilitates sustainable product development.

Product-Focused Project Task Assignment: Seamlessly manage project tasks related to product development with NIPUNA. The system facilitates task assignment, tracking, and progress monitoring, enhancing team collaboration and project efficiency.

Workflow and Process Management for Approving Changes: NIPUNA streamlines change management processes by offering customizable workflows to manage approvals efficiently. This ensures that all changes to designs, documents, and processes are adequately reviewed and authorized, minimizing errors and enhancing quality control.

Multi-User Secured Access with “Electronic Signature”: NIPUNA provides robust security measures, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data. The system also supports electronic signatures, enabling users to approve documents and changes securely and efficiently.

Data Export for Loading Downstream ERP Systems: NIPUNA facilitates seamless data transfer by providing export functionalities for loading relevant information into downstream ERP systems

With NIPUNA’s comprehensive features for design and process document management, product structure control, data vaulting, compliance tracking, and project task assignment, your organization can achieve heightened efficiency and productivity, empowering you to stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape. Embrace NIPUNA to drive innovation, streamline operations, and achieve unparalleled success.