Recruitment & Onboarding

Recruiting & Onboarding

The Evolving Landscape of HR Technology

Nipuna : "Empowering HR Professionals and Streamlining"

Automate Recruiting and Onboarding process and build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.


Capabilities of Recruiting and Onboarding System

Job Posting

Ability to create and post job openings on various job boards and social media platforms


Tools to source candidates from different channels and databases.


Managing candidate applications, status, and communications throughout the recruitment process

Resume Parsing

Automated extraction of candidate information from resumes and applications

Interview Management

Scheduling interviews and collecting feedback from interviewers

Data Collection:

Capturing essential information from new hires before their start date


Configurable workflows to guide new hires through paperwork and orientation processes

Document Management

 Securely storing and sharing onboarding-related documents and policies

Task Automation

 Automating tasks like sending welcome emails, assigning training modules, etc