Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Revolutionizing the Time & Attendance Management

Nipuna : "Time and attendance management system is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to track employee hours, manage payroll, and automate processes such as scheduling and leave requests. With the ability to access real-time data from any device, businesses can gain complete visibility into their workforce"

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Our Time and Attendance Management System streamlines employee hour tracking, payroll management, and automates scheduling and leave requests. Gain unrivaled workforce visibility with real-time data accessible from any device.

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Key Benefits and Capabilities of Nipuna Time and Attendance Management System

Enhances accuracy and reliability of payroll calculations

Reduces time theft and promotes a culture of accountability

Increases productivity by streamlining administrative tasks

Automates time-off requests and approvals

Provides employers with access to data and analytics related to employee attendance

Improves compliance with labor laws and regulations

Increases accuracy in payroll calculations and payments

Easy clock in and clock out

Hassle-free approvals, Easy leave management