Workforce Planning

Workforce planning System

"Empower your Workforce with Our Workplace Planning System"

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"Nipuna provides a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities to assist your organization in managing your workforce efficiently."

We assist in Forecasting workforce requirements in the future based on business growth strategies, market dynamics, and expected workload analytics or customer requirements

Core Capabilities of Nipuna WorKforce Planning System


Nipuna collects and evaluates workforce information, offering insights into employee characteristics, competencies, and performance, as well as other pertinent metrics. It facilitates the identification of trends, and gaps within the workforce.


The feature will provide configurable dashboards to display and communicate essential workforce metrics, indicators, and insights, enabling hierarchy to make informed decisions and monitor the advancement of workforce planning efforts.

Succession Planning

This feature in Nipuna facilitates the identification of high-value employees and the development of succession plans for key roles. It helps in making informed decisions and developing contingency plans for various workforce situations when any one is relieving from the company. It helps with compliance notifications.